We’re Engaged!!

What a crazy, amazing, love-filled few weeks it has been! On April 25th, 2017 I said yes to the love of my life. We have not stopped smiling since! We are so grateful to everyone who has been so supportive, excited, and happy with us. Every text, phone call, like, comment, hug, etc has been SO appreciated and this exciting time wouldn’t be half as fun without being able to share it with our friends and family. Since we have so many special people in our lives that live all over, we haven’t had the chance to see and share the full story with everyone. But oh hey, I have a blog! I figure this is as good a place as any to share the details and pictures of our engagement with our friends and family near and far until we get to see you soon, we hope!

The beginning of dating, August 2012

How We Met 

Jono and I met in college at the Belk Library when I was a sophomore and he was a recently transferred junior. We had biology 1801 together and became friends while studying. He kicked my butt on tests, taught me the Kreb Cycle, and I immediately had a secret crush. We were friends for two years before we started officially dating in October 2012, the beginning of our final year at App. He asked me out while looking at stars on his front porch swing & listening to Hootie and the Blowfish Pandora. After graduation, we did 8 months long distance until I couldn’t stand it any longer and moved to Asheville where he had gotten a job and I had applied for my dietetic internship. We have been here ever since (over 3 years now) and are so happy with the life we have built and amazing friends we have made! We are hoping to get married in this beautiful, fun, mountain town that we are so in love with.

The Engagement

Apparently I messed this one up a few times  But finally on a random Tuesday, on the way out of the gym, I noticed the bright blue sky and the wispy clouds and said “The sky looks cool, we should go see the sunset!” Jono, a little too enthusiastically, said “YES, let’s do that!” Not noticing much, I get in the car and look up the time of sunset and start rambling off places we could go to see it. Little did I know, he already knew the sunset times for the whole week and exactly where we were going. He had the whole thing planned out already for Wednesday but now, I had given him the perfect cover up to do it today because it was MY idea. So we go home “to change” (aka get the ring) and head out.

Sunsets are my absolute favorite thing in the whole world. There is nothing more beautiful, humbling, or peaceful to me. I decided awhile ago that my dream job would be a “sunset chaser”, photographing this phenomenon all over the world. (If anyone has any leads, let me know ) So the fact that Jono was telling me about this new place I had never been to before, was surprising. I thought we had already been to most of the good places around town. But he had found this new place not far from downtown, went and scoped it out already, and took me there with only a little bit of suspicion. We parked the truck and made it just in time. The sun started setting into an explosion of color and contrasting clouds but I missed the main event because at that point Jono whispered in my ear “Hey babe” and I turned around to him on his knee!! I honest to goodness have no idea what happened after that. I was in complete shock, despite the fact that I had been anticipating, wishing, waiting for this moment extensively for months. (Come on, we’ve been together 4.5 years!) We sat in the bed of the truck with the afterglow of this amazing sunset while he he told me the story of the ring, all the times he had planned that I ruined, took pictures, and tried to just soak it in despite our nerves going CRAZY.

So, not knowing what the heck you are supposed to do after one of the most important moments of your life, we of course… went to the bar. Ha! Is that the appropriate thing to do?? We had no idea, but in our defense, it was our favorite quiet and cozy cocktail lounge where the Mixologists know our drink orders as “the usual” and we have been enjoying for years. So it was really fun to be in a familiar place with these new aliases of FIANCE () that no one knew about but us. I couldn’t even muster up the words to tell our bartender who has been serving us together for years. “WE JUST GOT ENGAGED!!” is all I was thinking (actually screaming) in my head but to actually say it out loud just seemed way too surreal.

After that, we went home to our pups and started calling family! I called, facetimed, and texted our closest friends and family all day the next day (how does anyone actually get work done the day after?!) and the reactions were so special. All the responses just added so much more love in my heart that was already so so full. All my best girlfriend’s excitement was something I’ll never forget. That weekend we went to Louisville and celebrated with my family and my childhood best friends threw us the sweetest engagement party!

The Ring

It’s been 3 weeks and I literally am STILL so in awe of how insanely perfect my ring is. I had no idea what I wanted and somehow Jono turned that information into the absolute ring of my dreams.  Not only is it beautiful, unique, and sparkly () but it has soo much meaning to it. Jono had it custom designed by one of his friends, a fellow App State grad . He was able to design and choose what he wanted every step of the way and I truly don’t believe I could have done any better myself. Most of the stones in my ring were from Jono’s sweet Oma’s wedding ring who passed last June. Oma and Grandad were together for 40+ years and Grandad’s blessing to let Jono not only have the ring but then change it to fit “us” means more to me than I can express. I cry about it all the time! (Like now ). Not only that, but the two sapphires that begin the band on each side were also a part of her ring to represent their wedding anniversary, September…. which also happen to be both Jono and I’s birthstones, one for each of us. SO amazing! I am completely in awe and we both tend to just stop and stare at it frequently. Whenever I show it off I feel so obligated to tell the story because as beautiful as it is, the story makes it 10x more beautiful to me.

If you’re still here, then wow, thanks for sticking through all that! We are so beyond blessed and can’t wait for this new stage of life together. We have done absolutely zero wedding planning at this point but I see lots of spreadsheets and Pinterest boards in my near future. Please send all advice/ideas/insights (and hashtags) this way! I am a terrible decision maker and have significant FOBO (fear of better options) so this should be interesting. No date yet, but we’re thinking next fall of 2018. Plenty of time to not worry about it just yet and enjoy this time! We can’t wait to celebrate. Thanks again to everyone who has made us feel so special and loved now and since the very beginning 🙂

(( How cute is my mom?! ))

5 thoughts on “We’re Engaged!!

  1. We absolutely love you both . We are so excited to have you become an official family member. We will be at your wedding 👰 now matter how far we had to travel we wouldn’t miss it for the world 🌎 ❤️❤️❤️❤️🍾🎉🍾🎉

  2. So happy you are tying the knot. Love you both. I am always up for giving my opinion but remember that I got married in my back yard and the reception was a pig-pickin in the front yard. Not really the sort of wedding most girls dream of but it turned out amazing all the same. I know you will find what is perfect for you both. Plan an Wade and I being there.

  3. FOBO. Totally relate. That ring is perfect. We love your love and are so ecstatic for you both! Also, good thing I dropped that bio class, huh 😜? Wouldn’t have made this story as romantic if I had also made it to the Krebs cycle.

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